Black Lips Sell Out @ One Eyed Jacks


For a second year, rowdy boys Black Lips played an epic show at one of the country’s best music venues, One Eyed Jacks on Toulouse Street in the French Quarter. Looking like a well kept, lush brothel, this joint is a real gem and every burlesque dancers titty tasseled dream. Tonight, it was all about the rock n’ surly roll. With the bill also including King Louie’s Missing Monuments and The Orwells, it was no real surprise that the show sold out in advance leaving many a beggar on the booze soaked street out front seeking a way inside.

Those of us who threw down a mere $25 for a ticket got well beyond our money’s worth from the solid lineup. The Lips took the stage right after midnight and quickly filled the lush room with streams of flying toilet paper, sweat, spit, hurled cans and a fiery set of at least sixteen songs. Most of the material was pulled from the band’s last studio album“Arabia Mountain” with a throwback here and there. There’s a point where the exacts get a bit muddy on New Year’s Eve, especially at this kind of gig. Chock full of the musical and inebriated, the stage could barely hold everyone on it. It never failed, nor did the Black Lips who even pulled out a new song and promised a new album in 2013.

Surprisingly, there wasn’t any urination or full frontal exposure in classic Lips fashion. Then again, maybe we just missed it having been distracted by a singing snow leopard and some guy with a really bloody face.

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