Believe In The Ghost


We’ve got a few months before we get our hands on the spankin’ new, yet-to-be-titled album from North Carolina’s Gross Ghost, but we got some scoop on it it from Mike Dillon.  In the meantime, you should check them out on tour with Spider Bags and download the track below.  You will not be disappointed with either.

Donkey Jaw: What can you tell us about your second full length to be released this spring, say compared to Brer Rabbit?  
Mike Dillon:  We are starting work on the second record immediately upon returning from tour.  The band will track live and will be recording all over the place (one of our favorite local venues, the Pinhook, is letting us use the club on off hours and there are some other secret spots I’ve been scouting that have really great room sounds).  So it will be very much on the fly, which I think suits the nature of the new songs.  I wrote a lot of these songs in my head, so some of them will be finalized in the studio.  I’m really excited to be hearing all this clutter in my brain played back to me.

Speaking of Brer Rabbit, how does one come to name an album after that tale?  Inside joke?  
It’s just our homage to being from the south.  Southerners have a way with words that gets them out of precarious situations.  That particular story resonated with me because of that.  I had no idea it had such a controversial history behind it until after we’d decided on the title!

With the last album, you guys were still holding down jobs and doing the music thing on the side.  Has anything changed?   
Everyone in the band works their ass off toiling away at their “serious” jobs except for Tre.  Life hasn’t attacked him yet.  He has lots of free time.  I think he has like, 5 bands going right now.  I’d love to do music full time but I got to eat.  For now, it is just a labor of love.

What prompted the move from Grip Tapes to Odessa?
Grip Tapes are awesome and the guys who run it really did us right.  They will be releasing Brer Rabbit for the next few years, so I’m really happy about that.  I’ve just been a big fan of Odessa Records for a hot minute now.  I felt like our aesthetic sensibilities aligned and I wanted to give it a shot.  I am happy to say we will be working with both labels to spread the proverbial gospel of Gross Ghost.  I love ‘em all like family.

You guys are surrounded by a lot of talent including Love Language, Spider Bags, Superchunk to name a few.  What, if any, has that kind of company had on the band?
I think one similarity all of those bands you mentioned have in common that I would say has had any effect on me is that they worked hard doing what they wanted to do and people eventually “got it” after some time.  Not really being outwardly influenced by anyone else when it comes down to making your music is a very admirable trait.  I’d say that’s the one thing I get from them.

What do you love most about the Triangle music scene?  
There’s about ten or fifteen really great venues and people go out to see local bands just as feverishly as they do national touring acts.   So it’s a great springboard for getting heard.  The local radio stations really do a lot too.  I always think about moving away from NC and the music scene here is one thing I will surely miss if I do.

Do you think you’ll be able to keep up with the booze-fueled juggernaut that is Spider Bags on this tour?
Not too worried about it.  They have more mileage on them, but our livers are pinker.

Are you still looking for sofas to crash on in the next few weeks?  
I am using this tour as an excuse to catch up with my old friends who have scattered themselves up north.  That said, Chris and Tre could probably use some couch accommodations.  Hell, my friends probably won’t pick up their phones.  So I’ll just go with yes.

Lastly, what the heck is a gross ghost?
A gross ghost is someone who stays up partying way past the acceptable hours of partying.  The last person to be searching the fridge when everyone else has passed out.  In other words, TRE.

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