Road To Newport 2013: Get Your Tickets, Folks!

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

One of the most beautiful, unique festivals you’ll ever attend isn’t happening until July, but you can snag tickets now. Let me be frank, if you don’t get your tickets in the next few days you won’t be going to Newport Folk Festival, July 26-28.

This is a music lovers paradise, folks. Three stages chock full of artists you know and plenty that you will be seeing for the first time. Plan to walk away amazed and inspired.

We’re in the planning stages now for coverage, but count on the Donkey preview, review and turn inside out the festival that inspired our very existence and namesake from hoof to tail. Dedicated to new music discovery, we’ll do our best to track down some of the lesser known artists prior to the festival and have a few words with them. Perhaps they’ll lend us a track or two for the site.

Tickets can be purchased (for now!) here:

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