Savannah Stopover Startup: You Won’t

Donkey Jaw: You guys were theater kids in school which clearly comes across in your videos.  Does is influence any other areas of your work?

Josh Arnoudse:
  Oh, but of course.  You can take the kid out of the theater, but you can’t take the theater out of the kid.
Speaking of videos, the mime from “Ten Years Old” looks like he got pretty jacked up on the artwork for “Skeptic Goodbye”.  What happened to that poor guy?

The original explanation was that he was hit by a mosquito-spraying truck whose narcoleptic driver had fallen asleep at the wheel.  No kidding.
Most of your website photos involve inflicting bodily harm to each other or just generally being goof balls. How important is having a sense of humor come through in what you do?
I have a hard time understanding any artist or performer who lacks a sense of humor in their work.  I think it’s essential.
Friendly and charming are two descriptors that come up often when talking about You Won’t. Does the nice guy thing ever get old?
I didn’t realize we had garnered that reputation already.  We can be surly douches on a bad day.  But to answer your question, I strive to be ever kinder to the people we encounter in our travels.  Sometimes I fail.  I fail pretty often.
When it comes to songwriting, you guys pretty much nail perfect pop structure on every song.  What’s the secret?
Too much MTV and Top 40 radio as a kid?  Childhood obsessions with the Beatles and Creedence and U2?
What does a Cambridge band look forward to most about spending some time the good ol south (Savannah, Austin)?
People who smile at strangers.  Weather that is not depressing.  Gas stations that don’t stock Naked Juice.
“Pumped as a pickle” and “jazzed as a juniper” have both made appearances on your social media spaces. Where in the world does this stuff-your-granny-says goodness come from?

It’s hard to bring much personality to something as tightly formatted as a Facebook page. Constantly announcing/promoting your latest band thing with great enthusiasm and gratitude and exclamation points can get pretty tiresome.  I’m just having fun with words.

 You Won’t plays Savannah Stopover on Thursday March 7, 2013 from 11:00pm – 12:00am at B & D Burgers (Upstairs) (209 W. Congress St. Savannah GA 31401).  This is an All Ages Show.

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