Savannah Stopover Startup: Delicate Steve


Donkey Jaw:  There are a few Twitter posts that suggest you are in the studio. What can you tell us about new material?

Steve Marion:
It’s being recorded even deeper into the woods than the first two records.

Would you say you have a specific vision for an album when you enter the studio or do just start playing and see what sticks?

Chicken and Egg’y kind of thing.  Sometimes you just start playing and develop a vision from that. Other times you can conceptualize before you hear a sound. It’s whatever makes you feel excited that you want to be doing.

What’s influencing you these days, musically and otherwise?

win Peaks, Big Freedia, running, not having internet 24/7.

Will you be debuting any new songs at SXSW and Savannah Stopover?

You’ll be sharing the bill with some amazing folks in the near future: Sharon Jones, Chelsea Light Moving, among others.  What do you hope to take away from experiences like that?

Hoping to be inspired by their performances, and to be excited by what they are trying to do.

Music writers admittedly struggle when it comes to describing your sound.  We’ve tried out everything from eccentric, sideways and poly-rhythmic.  What’s the strangest thing you recall having been written about your music?

A 10-year-old called it Guerrilla Music, which is a very pure and struggle-free way of describing the music.

Generally speaking, what are your musical predictions for the rest of 2013?

More people will love Delicate Steve.

What are you worst touring habits?

I need to go eat exactly what I want for dinner, regardless of how far it is from the venue or if nobody else wants to come. Sometimes following your stomach is a lonely road.

Any suggestions on surviving the mayhem that is SXSW, for bands and fans alike?

Drink water instead of other drinks.

Delicate Steve plays Club One on March 7 @ 12:00am as part of Savannah Stopover. 

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