Savannah Stopover Startup: Filligar

Filligar 2

Donkey Jaw: My understanding is that the new record is finished and will come out soon.  What can you tell us about it?

Casey Gibson: It’s in the can. We’re working on artwork as we speak. We’re all pumped about how everything turned out… we’ve been playing the new songs on tour and can’t wait for people to hear the recordings.

You guys are also re-recording some of your older songs.  What prompted that idea?

We’ve written a whole mess of songs since we started the band 10 years ago. Some of the old recordings are fun–a moment in time kind of thing–but we want to do all of those ideas justice. Even more than that, we want to be the band that can play for three or four hours a night, so getting that back catalog in the repertoire is important to us.

Will those just be available online individually or do you foresee releasing them as an album, series of 7″, etc?

It’d be fun to put together a 7″. We’re not totally sure what form they’ll all take but we’re definitely excited about the prospect of re-releasing material.

You are very generous and give a lot of your music to folks through the live bootlegs you post and “The Nerve” is available in its entirety on Noisetrade.  Why not charge at least a few bucks?

We’re hoping to do in the digital age what the Grateful Dead and Phish have done before us. We encourage people to tape our shows, exchange recordings, etc. Every performance is unique, but as they say, once we’re done with it, we want you to have it.

You’ll be making your Savannah Stopover debut.  Have you ever played in that fine city before?

We’ve never played Savannah so we’re all really stoked. Atlanta’s been a great town for us and we’re hoping Athens and Savannah are next. Plus the line-up is incredible!

After Savannah Stopover, you are headed back down to SXSW.  What are some of your more memorable moments from last year’s event?

Man. We’ve been a couple times now and it’s always a blur. It’s an awesome experience if you have a couple of days of recovery time built in after that week. I’d say my favorite part of last year was seeing Snoop Dogg perform in a giant Doritos vending machine.

What are you most looking forward to this year in Austin?

Torchy’s Tacos, Hamilton Pool, Outlaw Roadshow, margaritas, barbecue, gettin’ a sun tan.

Filligar has had the same lineup since 2000.  What’s the magic that keeps the band together?
It helps that there are three brothers in the band. Everyone’s pretty compatible schedule-wise.

What the hell is a Filligar anyway?
We’ve been trying to figure that out for 10 years.

Filligar performs at B & D Burgers on Congress (Patio) on March 8 @ 5:00pm and again at Congress Street Social Club on March 9 @ 11:00pm. 

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