Savannah Stopover Startup: The Coathangers


A huge thank you to the ladies from The Coathangers for doing an email interview with us just a few hours before their show tonight.  Many sloppy Donkey kisses to those gals.

Donkey Jaw:  Tell me about the forthcoming split with your label mates, Nü Sensae coming out on 3/19.  Whose idea was that? 

The Coathangers: Well, it was a collaboration of friendship, music and fucking being label mates. We have no idea which genius put this together, but we’re glad they did because it rules and we are huge fans of Nu Sensae.

Your Facebook page suggests you ladies might be obsessed with cute, fuzzy animals. Accurate assumption?

Don’t get it twisted we love cute and furry but we also enjoy sharp and hairy…

What’s the best and worst thing about being in an all-female band? 

The best thing about being in an all female band is nothing/everything and vice versa.  It’s just fun being in a band period. (Although that last line does remind me that one of the worst is raggin’ it at SXSW which we look forward to this year).

To that same point, should we be at a point where a question like that is entirely unnecessary? 

After all, we don’t ask dude bands the same thing.

Well stop it then, or start asking dudes the same question…

Some of the Coathangers teamed up with Trail of the Dead guys and recorded a  cover Pussy Riot’s “Putin Lights Up Fires”? What are your thoughts on how that whole thing panned out?

That shit totally ruled because we felt like it was a song that was for something other than just us, not as selfish or something. We wish we coulda done more, but Russia don’t play and we are all too scrawny fer prison. On the serious side, we were just as shocked as everyone else that that kinda shit still happens and we feel lucky to be able to express ourselves in (almost) anyway we please and not have to worry about being sentenced to prison for it.  Blows my mind. We wish Pussy Riot the best of luck, wish we could do more.

Any plans future plans to record more stuff as Thee Deadcoats?

Not as of yet but we will be on tour for quite a while (end of march till end of april) with those dudes and maybe something will pop out

What albums are on heavy rotation in the tour van?

The Limes, Sick Secrets, Radiohead, Barreracudas, Them Crooked Vultures, Demon’s Claws, The Growler.  There’s also a lotta shitty radio because our cd player is broke and we get real tired of our iPods after a while.

What would you say is the band’s greatest collective accomplishment since formation?

Thats hard to say because every time we accomplish anything bigger than before, that’s our best dream come true. As of now, going to Europe in a legit fashion is a big deal for us.

What’s the biggest misconception about the band? 

There’s so many. Ha. Who cares? Haters gonna hate.

Give me you surliest tour story/memory to date.

Hmmm, again so many good ones. Almost getting arrested in Brooklyn fer mouthin’ off to cops, crashing into some dude’s car at a house party, escaping a shitty situation at a NOLA show by driving off/being chased, kicking dogs outta their beds so we don’t hafta sleep on hardwood floors, eating chips as a three course meal fer weeks, being stranded in mexico with no phones or money fer days, etc.  The good always outweighs the bad though.

You ladies are no strangers to SXSW. What tips can you give newbies?

Bring a heavy coat and your shortest shorts because you never know if its gonna be balls hot or fucking cold.  Other than that, expect to walk a lot and bring your own water and beer in the van.  Also the Hot Dog King on Red River has awesome corndog/veggiedogs.

Heard any good abortion jokes lately?

If abortion is murder, then blow jobs are cannibalism, and masturbation is mass genocide.

XO, The CH

The Coathangers play Hang Fire (37 Whitaker St, Savannah, GA 31401) tonight at midnight.  This is a  21+ Show.

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