Savannah Stopover Startup: Turbo Fruits


Donkey Jaw: Did Enya seriously inspire Butter or are y’all just talking smack for a good press prank?

Jonas Stein: Enya was being listened to in the Van on tours in the midst of writing Butter.  I, Jonas, am responsible for turning Orinoco Flow up as loud I could while were on long drives.  No press pranks here. It’s the fuckin’ truth!

Speaking of Butter, you guys have pressed some pretty amazing vinyl for that record. Assuming you are big vinyl fans, what’s the coolest record in your collection and why?  

Turbo Time Records released a 7″ for Harley Dollar Bill$ and the color was called “Sunshine Acid Vinyl”.  It came out of realizing what United Record Pressing is capable of and using my imagination.

Why the name Butter? 

Everybody likes butter.

What is the best and worst thing about the Nashville music scene?  

The best thing is there are a lot of really good rock ‘n’ roll bands.  The worst thing is that there are a lot of really good rock ‘n’ roll bands.    Just kiddin’.. but seriously.. there are a lot of good fucking bands in Nashville so it helps keep everybody on their toes. You gotta constantly be looking forward and striving to get better.

Tell me about getting signed to Serpents & Snakes and working with the brothers Followill.  

It’s great.  Seth Riddle, the GM, takes good care of us.  They have shown us a lot of support and we appreciate their help very much.  It’s nice to be on a label when you’re the main focus, not put on the back burner.

My understanding is that those folks allow bands to put out singles and other releases on their own labels.  Truth?  If so, do you have any upcoming plans to do so on Turbo Time?  

Yeah it’s very communal around here.  S&S is happy to have us release our own singles.  It’s all supportive towards the bigger picture.  Productivity is highly encourages by S&S and Turbo Fruits.   We have some new fancy vinyl coming out.  It’s going to have glitter inside of it.  We will be the first Label to have URP actually put glitter in a vinyl release.

What are some of your more recent, wild tour shenanigans that can be shared?  

I honestly better not get into that. I don’t know if there are any shenanigans I could tell that would be appropriate for your readers.

I hear there’s a Phil Kaufman motorcycle riding connection in the band.  Do tell.  

My Dad and Phil have been working together for years.  I was lucky to grow up around him and get to hear some of his stories.  I’ve been on a couple motorcycle rides with him .  He’s a really great guy.

What’s the Turbo Fruits beer of choice?
Anything cheap and cold!

Can you share your best hangover remedy in case we need to employ it during Savannah Stopover?

Well, you have two options.  You can get up the next morning, down some water and get some exercise OR you can keep on drinking.  Both are nice and effective.

You guys clearly have a good time on stage and off partying,etc. What do you get serious about, if ever? 

Don’t be mistaken by our surly onstage presence.  There is a reason we’re still around and a reason we keep on keepin’ on.  We work hard, rehearse frequently and just really care about what we’re doing in general.  It’s when we go on tour that we get to blow off some steam and have a good time.

In a riff battle to the death, who would be left standing – Turbo Fruits or Jeff The Brotherhood?  

3 string Guitar- Jeff The Brotherhood.  6 string guitar- Turbo Fruits

Give us two or three bands we should be listening to right now. 

Fox Fun.  Jp5. Call of the wild.

Turbo Fruits play The Jinx on March 9 @ 12:00am as part of Savannah Stopover.

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