The Love Language Calms Down, Gets Confident


One of Carolina’s sweetest exports, The Love Language, is spit-shining a new record Ruby Red to be released July 23, 2013. They tossed a track over the fence today and we’re stoked. Calm Down sounds like a real evolution of an already good thing from from Stu McLamb and company. No more woe begotten, yet deceptively chipper romps if this is any indication of what’s to come.

Pre-order the album directly from Merge Records and you just might snag a complimentary, limited edition 11-track cassette titled Black Mountain Demos.  This is only for 250 lucky folks, so get on it!

Ruby Red Tracklist

1 . Calm Down
2 . Kids
3 . Hi Life
4 . First Shot
5 . Golden Age
6 . For Izzy
7 . Faithbreaker
8 . On Our Heels
9 . Knots
10 . Pilot Light

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