Brotherly Love: An Interview With Say Brother’s Joshua Michael Anderson


Ever since we saw Say Brother dang near peel the roof off Slim’s at last year’s Hopscotch Festival we simply can’t stop talking about them.You’ve probably noticed that. It’s on the verge of weird at this point, we get it. Instead of continuing to sing their praises and annoy our fine readers, we decided to track down the band and ask a few questions.  
Joshua Michael Anderson gave us the lowdown on the band’s raise-a-goddamn-ruckus vibe and plans that extend beyond the state line of South Carolina.

Donkey Jaw: How did Say Brother come about?

Joshua Michael Anderson:
Say Brother started as more of a sit down bluegrass side project to our first band together, Mercy Mercy Me. Mercy was a heavy, all out rock and roll affair. As time went by we felt it a little unnecessary to have two bands with the same core members making music that came from the same place and spirit, so we decided to combine the two. Its been great since not have to write songs for one kind of sound or another and just worry about it being good music.

What’s next for Say Brother recording and albumwise?

We’ve been getting ready for the next album for a while we’re all really excited about it. We’ve had a few issues with line up changes and have been working that out. So it has kept us from really getting the new material perfected,  but we’ve got a solid band again and should start working on the next one really soon.

You guys don’t really play a ton of shows and/or tour.   We were lucky to catch you down at Hopscotch last year.  How can we get you out on the road and in our cities?

We’ve been lucky to do some great stuff regionally. The main thing that was keeping us from being on the road more was lack of solid transportation. We’re looking at having that remedied in the next month or so. This summer,  we plan on being on the road as much as possible and are really stoked about getting to as many new places as possible.

What’s the scene like in Columbia, SC for a band like yours?

Columbia is wonderful. It’s a great scene full of some amazingly talented and supportive people.  Our label, Fork and Spoon, are some of the hardest working people I know and do everything they can to make this place better all the time.

Have you ever been approached by a big name label?

We were recently talking to Atlantic and went out and played for them but it wasn’t really what either of us wanted. They were rad though and it was an interesting experience at least. We’re really happy with our home at F&S for now. They’re great to us and we don’t have to worry about anyone trying to interfere with what we’re trying to do.

What would be Say Brother’s dream deal if/when it happens?

Just to be able to travel as much as possible without suits involving themselves in the music and the ability for all of us to do something nice for our mamas.

Complete the sentence.  Say Brother runs on __________________ and _____________. 

Say Brother runs on Busch Light and Fresh Prince reruns.

At heart, you are a southern rock n’ blues band.  What do you think are some of the biggest misconceptions about the type of music you play and those who are playing it?

Well first and foremost, there’s still so much life left in that kind of music. Its doesn’t have to be a Dad rock kind of thing. We’re all young guys who grew up in the South so its’ been a part of who we are since before we could remember.

Is everyone in the band doing music full time or are you balancing day jobs?

If so, what do the guys in Say Brother do to pay the bills?
We all work in bars mostly. Zach is at New Brookland Tavern, Cola’s oldest bar and venue and Tripp is up at Red Door, a little off shoot from NBT. I’m at the Whig a little basement bar downtown. It leads to many late nights raisin’ hell when we all get off.

What would surprise us most to know about Say Brother?

We all look like a bunch of metal dudes, we play country rock but all we listen to is hip hop.

Got any big summer plans?

Like I said we just want to spend the summer getting together the new material and seeing some new faces on the road.

What are some bands our readers should check out?

Yes Ma’am are one of our favorite bands. Their record didn’t leave the CD player the whole way back home from SXSW. People Person is badass female fronted grunge pop and Dear Blanca is killer rock n’ roll with a beautiful album they just dropped earlier this year, Talker.

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