Shore Thing: An Interview With Beach Day’s Kimmy Drake


Photo: Christina Mendenhall

There are plenty of folks out there slopping together surf guitar riffs and doodley organs in the name of all that is bonafide beach jam and good times, but rarely does it come off as both carefree and a soon to be big damn deal. Aptly named, Beach Day simply nails it. Nails it, people!

Just days before embarking on a twenty-two date stint in support of their new record, Trip Trap Attack (Kanine), Kimmy Drake is totally chill on the phone from her Hollywood, Florida home. No worries of what to pack or how things will go out there seem apparent.  “It’s a lifestyle and you get used to it. We love it, but  we love to be home too.” She adds with a laugh, “It’s bittersweet.”  The front woman and guitarist is as rad as you’d hope the radiating voice behind those sun-kissed songs might be and make no mistake, a rock n’ roll attitude is fully intact.

Donkey Jaw: Your full length drops later this month.  How are you guys feeling about letting your baby loose in the world?

Kimmy Drake: We’re so excited for everyone to hear what we’ve been working on for the past year.  We’re so stoked.

Is there anything that you wish you’d done differently after hearing the final product?

I definitely wouldn’t do anything differently.  You could always keep going, especially as a musician, but as with any artist there’s a point when something is just done. That’s the way I look at it and I wouldn’t change anything on it.  I love it.

What’s the music scene like in Hollywood, FL?  It’s not exactly known as a hotbed of emerging bands.

Hollywood doesn’t really have a music scene. It’s mostly retirees (laughter). A town of retirees.  That’s Hollywood, so there’s not many places to play here.  We always end up going to Miami or Fort Lauderdale because we’re smack in between them.

So, Beach Day is the first real rock n’ roll export from this town proving that people under the age of seventy live there!

I think so! (laughter)

What’s your musical background?

I started playing by ear when I was very young.  I did go to college for music for about a year as a voice major, but I really just wanted to play rock n’ roll.  So, i left.

What’s the secret to creating music that has a throwback vibe without being derivative?  

I don’t really know if it’s a secret.  It just happens to be what the three of us love. The way that I wrote the songs and we arranged them together just came together.  We’d be like, “Do we like the way that sounds?” and the answer was “Yes, we love that!”  We definitely didn’t try to do something to please anybody else.  We do this because it’s fun, you know?

I noticed on your Twitter feed that you’re really into the Mermaids show in Discovery.  What do you think the deal really is with that?

Oh gosh, I really want it to be real.  At first I thought it was so cool and then I watched the after show interview with the scientists. They didn’t seem real, so I don’t know.

Are you guys at a point where you are able to do music full time or are you still pulling hours at the Smoothie Shack?

We’re still there for the moment. Hopefully soon, we won’t have to, but we really love the Smoothie Shack.   I hope we never fully have to leave there.

All three of you are still working there, right?


Touring is going to wreck shop on the schedule.

It does! They love us though, so they say it’s ok.

How will the band spend the summer?

I think pretty much the rest of the year is going to be touring.  Our last tour was about two months and we’ve only been home for two weeks, but we’re headed out again Tuesday.

Speaking of the road, what’s the most memorable thing to happen to the band so far on tour?

We’ve had some really great times visiting with friends who live in other cities around the country.  We pass through certain cities multiple times and get to see our friends over and over again. That’s amazing.

Have there been any shows in the middle of nowhere that just bomb?

We had a show on a Monday in Iowa and it was really dead.  So, that’s our new thing. “It’s Monday in Iowa!”

You opened for The Black Lips at one point. They’ve got a pretty wild reputation.  Any good stories?

We love the Black Lips! They’re the coolest guys.  The night we played with them they wanted us to come out to a bar after and it was like 4 a.m.  We were at Denny’s at the time, but we said we would be there.  We never made it because it took an hour for our french fries to come out.  I’ve seen them since. We hung out a bit when we were in Atlanta, so we’re good.

What band or bands are you listening to right now?

I’m really into Foxygen.  I love that band.

What are a few songs that you would consider playlist must-haves for a top-down, summer road trip?

Do You Wanna Dance? by The Ramones. That’s one of my faves.  Give Him A Great Big Kiss by The Shangri-Las is also a great one.  Oh, the Black Lips New Direction and of course, you gotta put the Beach Boys in there.  Good Vibrations.

And some Beach Day, of course!
Of course!


June 6: Houston, TX @ Fitzgerald’s
June 7: Tulsa, OK @ The Vanguard
June 9: Austin, TX @ Mohawk
June 11: Kansas City, MO @ The Riot Room
June 14, 15: Toronto, ON @ NXNE
June 19: Brooklyn, NY @ Glasslands

2 thoughts on “Shore Thing: An Interview With Beach Day’s Kimmy Drake

  1. Hollywood has a LOT of musicians…but how would Beach Day know they didn’t play in the local scene long enough to know. Kanine manufactured them and their so-called Hollywood Beach image. In Hollywood you can find live music venues, theatres, and stages trying to help the local scene which Beach Day only now has begun contributing to. Native which is run by funk/jazz bassist and old school friend of Jaco Pastorius is a local venue and Jaco’s own son Julius Pastorius plays there….along with dozens of other local South Florida and Hollywood bands. Hollywood may not have a strong music scene, but if you are from there and truly want to make it a scene you would know this! PRL is also a great place to connect with local artists and listen to true indie music. How come Beach Day seems only to be familiar with it’s teen friendly boardwalk and milkshake bars. She’s clearly making fun of Hollywood so why keep pushing the they’re from Hollywood image if they don’t even represent the city accurately.

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