El Sportivo & the Bloozs Celebrate Petty Theft, Love and Vomit

El Sportivo

Directed by Theo Anthony, the new video from El Sportivo & the Blooz for “The Night’s So Cold”  captures the adventures of a night crawling crossdresser. While her choice of clothing is regrettable ala Paris Hilton circa too many years ago and she lifts a cold one from the convenience store, there’s something incredibly endearing about this character. She navigates the underbelly of a city with gusto and we cheer her on throughout.

Set to the perfect slow-roll of the track featured on the band’s new album, Nights & Weekends, our heroine scores (we’re pretty sure something goes down in that church) and ultimately vomits.  There’s a strange, beautiful end here despite splatter in the daylight and what’s presumably an awful hangover.

You can also find the track on the official soundtrack of Marc Maron’s new hit IFC show Maron (White Iris Records).

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