Kick Ass Exclusive: “Airstream Transmission” by Leland Sundries

live at the creamery cover

Thanksgiving isn’t until tomorrow but we’re hooves-up-happy (that’s thankful in donkey-speak) to bring you an exclusive track from New York based, noir folksters Leland Sundries. Their EP, Live at the Creamery, drops tomorrow but you can give this baby a whirl on repeat while you brine your bird. The track is string twanged, psych-blues awesomeness with back of the bar napkin lyrics ala Guthrie and Cash that warrant and reward close inspection.

Frontman Nick Loss-Eaton’s distinctive delivery adds an air of serial-killer finesse reminiscent of antebellum murder ballads. If you’re thinking this is some kind of contrived bullshit hashed out by dudes who live in the ‘burbs, think again. Loss-Eaton’s travels through the Deep South and a stint at Smithsonian Folkways exposed him the tales and tunes of legends, including Little Milton. It’s legit folks, trust the Donkey.

If it weren’t so damned cold around these parts, we’d call it good old-fashioned porch music. Instead, it’s likely best enjoyed in the next few days by a crackling fire, hot toddy in hand. Should you decide to brave the chill,the guys have a handful of upcoming New England shows. Check out dates here.

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